Considering the Studio Peel Series? Here's everything you need to know:

What is the Studio Peel Series?

The Studio Peel Series is a five treatment, eight week series of clinical facials and a professional home care plan designed to lift pigmenation and melasma and remedy acne.

Who is a good candidate for the Studio Peel Series?

The Studio Peel Series is great for clients who have hyper pigmentation (discoloration) or melasma as a result of excessive sun exposure, post blemish scarring, or hormones. A good candidate for the Studio Peel series, also understands the importance of the mandatory home care plan, and is diligent about sun protection throughout the course of the eight weeks (and beyond). '

How do I book a Peel Series:

To determine if you are a good candidate for the Studio Peel Series, we recommend booking a “Studio Peel Series consultation” through our site to discuss your skin goals and concerns with our Studio Facialists. During your consultation, you will receive the first (of five) facials in the series, as well as purchase your mandatory home care system. In the consultation, we will also schedule your eight week peel plan. If we determine that you are not a good candidate for the Studio Peel Series, we will book a follow up Studio Facial to help you achieve your skin goals.

What is the Home Care System, why is it Mandatory?

Using the home care system one week prior to your Studio Peel series “Primes the skin” before the peels, and ensures that your skin gets the maximum benefits from your peel series. The Home care system can be purchased in the studio and consists of 7 products: A brightening licorice root and arbutin cleanser, a Glycolic cleanser, a 2% Retinol exfoliating scrub, Glycolic & Retinol treatment pads, a Vitamin C serum, a soothing moisturizer, and a professional grade SPF 30. The price of the products are approximately $190, and will last for the full duration of the Studio Peel Series.

What will the 8 weeks of the peel series look like?

Week 1:

Consultation and facial #1. Begin Home care

Week 2:

Peel #1 (Lactic Lightening Peel)- Minimal or no downtime

Week 3:

Peel #2 (Glycolic Peel)- Minimal or no downtime

Week 4:

Peel #3 (10% TCA Depigmentation Peel)- Minor flaking for 3-4 Days

Week 5-7:

Skin Rests, home care continues

Week 8:

Peel #4 (10% TCA Depigmentation Peel)- 8-10 days of medium depth peel

What to expect after the final Peel of the Series:

Day 1: Pink to Red Skin

Day 2: Skin looks normal but starting to look brown

Day 3: Skin looks brown and wrinkled. Old dead skin and discoloration starts to flake off.

Day 4: Skin is beginning to crack and the start of the peeling occurs. Do not pick

Day 5-7: Skin is flaking and peeling off. Do not pick. New fresh skin is revealed.

Day 8-10: Cheeks and forehead will continue to slough, but the results of the peel are being seen with fresh, healthy clear skin!