René de la Garza

Master Brow Artist & Facialist

René is a Los Angeles native who began his career as a facialist in Beverly Hills over 10 years ago. In recent years, his concentration has been in mastering the art of brow shaping and education. In 2016 he founded Brow Down Studio in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and quickly developed Brow Down Studio Collection to offer women a full range of products to meet their  needs for sculpting point-precision, perfect brows at home. 



Studio Microblading Artist

Jennifer has extensive experience in many areas of the beauty industry including 9 years of professional artistry and permanent makeup. It was only natural that she add microblading to her arsenal of most-sought-after services. Jennifer is known by clients for her attention to detail and strengths in color theory.  



Master Studio Facialist

With over 12 years of experience as a Licensed Aesthetician, Ashley’s philosophy revolves around maintaining beauty from the inside out. Ashley enjoys providing in-depth knowledge about our skin & it’s functions - whether problematic, aging, or in need of special maintenance.


Studio Brow Artist